Protecting water for the future

Living Water Workbees is a catchment care project that connects people, waterways and biodiversity to create resilient waterways for the future. We mobilise volunteers around Elster Creek and Werribee River catchments to build healthy habitat through cleaning up local creeks and beaches, planting and surveying wildlife. Volunteer hours are translated to a $25/hour Living Water Rebates, which can be redeemed for an approved rainwater tank or raingarden at a local school, home or business. These infrastructures recycle, filter and divert stormwater, reduce runoff, improve local water quality and prepare our neighbourhood for extreme weather events such as drought and flooding. 


Three ways to get involved
  • Volunteer to protect local waterways

  • Register to earn rebate credits for a water tank or raingarden at your school, home or business

  • Host Living Waters Workbees events in your local community or school

Living Water Workbees 2018/19 higlights

Living Water Workbees is a three year project (2017 - 2020) funded by the Victorian Government Port Phillip Bay Fund.

This project succeeds our award winning pilot project Well Waters Workbees which ran from January 2015 to March 2016.

Living Water Workbees connects people, waterways and biodiversity. Join community workbees to care for Elster Creek, Werribee River and Port Phillip Bay. Earn rebates for a rainwater tank or raingarden to reduce runoff impact and improve the quality of our local waterways.

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